Master Your Stress

Master Your Stress


Less Stress in just 3 months!

Your Master Your Stress package includes:

  • Curated for you science-based StressLess Tools

  • Your personalized StressLess Plan

Initial 90-minute Stress Management Coaching Session

  • Assess your current stress levels and stressors

  • Determine your Personal StressLess Plan

  • Practice multiple science-based StressLess Tools

  • Set specific and realistic goals

Follow-up sessions- 45 min each

  • A total of 5 x 45 min sessions over 3 months in addition to the Initial 90 min session

    • Month 1 = 1 x 45min session, Month 2 + 3 = 2 x 45min session each

  • Review and reflect: previous goals

  • Set new goals

  • Practice science-based StressLess Tools together

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Fine Print

  • Once you purchase the service, you will receive an email with logistical details.

  • No Refunds

  • Initial 90 min session must occur within 30 days of purchase date.

  • ALL follow up consultations must be completed within 60 days of initial 90 min session.

  • 90 min consultation can be in person or remote (phone/online), 45 min sessions are remote only (phone/online)

Cancellation policy:

  • 24 hours notice or the session will be considered used (loses that session)

Late policy:

  • for 90min session more than 15min or for 45min session more than 5 min and the session is cancelled at client's expense (loses that session).

  • may not be able to extend session to give full time if late


Currently, I am only able to work with people who are located in the U.S. and Canada.