StressLess NOW!

Explore a variety of options for reducing stress below.


StressLess Labs

What is a StressLess Lab?

  • An on-site, 1-2 hour stress management session for a group of any size

  • Experiment with fast + easy science-based StressLess® tools

  • Lunch-n-Learn 2.0

  • Find what works for you and StressLess® NOW!


StressLess at Work

  • A series of weekly stress management sessions conveniently held at your office or workplace

  • We come for 90 min. You decide when you have 5 minutes to spare.

  • Discover science-based stress relieving techniques that work for YOU!

  • Learn new fast + easy StressLess® Tools each week.


StressLess Coaching

What is included in individual coaching sessions?

  • Engage in weekly calls with stress management coach and consultant, Ellen Leonard

  • Create a personalized stress management plan

  • Stress assessments, tracking and supportive resources included

  • Each session you are guided through a variety of science-based StressLess® Tools - keep what works and leave the rest!

stress hedgehog learning

Stressing Less Online

Take action by creating new habits!

I joined forces to Stress Less the Hedgehog Way! Engage in weekly learning experiences that build healthy workplace behaviors and reduce stress.  

These habits are achieved by focusing on one MicroShift at a time. Each MicroShift works through a series of acquiring knowledge on a concept, doing real work experimentation, obtaining insights from our personal introspection model, followed by a weekly facilitated and shared discovery with a your coach (me). You can do it by yourself, with a friend, or with your team.