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Stress impacts the workplace

less stress =
happier employees

Worksite wellness programs that include stress management leads to average reductions of 25% in sick leave and more!


A meta-anaylsis in 2012 demonstrated this and more!

The StressLess Method® uses the latest in science-based tools
for stress management - recognizing that
stress management comes in many forms
and is much more than just breathing!


Stress as your superpower!

Learn to use stress to your advantage!

How can you use stress to your advantage like a superhero?

Stress doesn’t have to be a bad thing.
Learn how to think about it as a friend. Shift your mindset and change
the impact that stress has on your life.

The StressLess Method® has tools to help you rethink your stress.

Stress can be good and you can shift your mindset.


Manage emotions

focus your mind

Learn to manage emotions and your mind!

StressLess® Tools help you
learn how to manage your
emotions + thoughts + resources,
so you can be more engaged and productive.

Want to improve employee retention?
Want to improve employee engagement and productivity?
Want to learn ways to help be happier at work in general?

The StressLess Method® can help.

Here is a great HBR article that supports the importance of teaching people how to manage their mind, emotions, and energy and the direct benefits for your bottom line.

It's easy for employees
to become overwhelmed.

The StressLess Method® provides simple +easy tools to prevent and manage stress.

The StressLess Method® is the perfect stress management solution for your employees.