The Story

Hired to teach stress management lunch-n-learn sessions for employees of a large university, I was discouraged from incorporating experiential aspects into my presentations. Not surprisingly, the employees attending the sessions were not engaged. They did not want sit and listen to me lecture about the dangers of stress and how a variety of stress management techniques had worked for other people.  

They wanted something

I decided to rethink this classic model of a one-hour learning session as a way to interact with employees. How could you help people integrate lasting behavioral changes into their lives? With an M.S. in Adult Education, I am uniquely suited for considering what motivates adults. Adults know about stress, they experience stress, and they know they should do something about it.  


What is the barrier to
effectively managing stress?

How can they possibly fit one more thing into their lives?  

The StressLess Method was created in 2013 to give employees a solid foundation of stress management techniques through repetition and personal experience, delivered directly to their home or office.   

What will your employees gain from The StressLess Method®?

The StressLess Method® is a gateway into valuable tools and techniques. Practices that relieve and reduce stress generally have additional benefits:

  • Improved cognition and productivity

  • Improved overall health

  • Increased self-efficacy and self-confidence

These additional benefits work together to help your employees evolve into optimal versions of themselves -- at work and at home. With happier and healthier employees, the end result is enhanced engagement, productivity and retention.

-Ellen Leonard


Ellen Leonard, M.S.Ed.
StressLess Coach & Consultant
Founder, The StressLess Method®
Innovator . Nerd . Coach

About Ellen

Ellen Leonard, M.S.Ed., a self-described research nerd, spent twelve years as a published scientific researcher before starting The Stressless Method®. A graduate of Brandeis University (B.S.) and Indiana University (M.S.), she is also an award-winning associate faculty at IUPUI, an adult educator, a health coach (NBC-HWC, ICHWC, Wellcoaches), a yoga instructor (RYT500, ERYT200), and an Ayurvedic Practioner. Her unique approach to health and wellness incorporates the latest research-based practices, including aspects of positive psychology, meditation, and strengths based development. Seeing a need in the harried workplace climate of today, The StressLess Method® was created in 2013 to address the need for convenient stress management that could be easily incorporated into employee’s everyday life in a realistic way.