Stress Busting Workshop

Start the new year off right....


Help your employees start off 2018 with new stress management skills!

  • Practice evidence-based techniques
  • Shift your mindset to leverage stress to your advantage
  • Fast, convenient micorlearning stress management options
  • 60 minute workshop for any sized group
  • email to schedule your workshop today


Help your employees to...

Experience less stress

Manage current stress

Develop skills to quickly manage stress

Be able to de-stress anywhere anytime


LEARN TO Apply evidence-based TECHNIQUES to your individual stress!

“Good research show us what works for some of the people, some of the time.”
-Dr Peggy Kern, awesome researcher



Offering corporate wellness programs focused on stress:

  • 5-8 minute sessions

  • weekly practice and integration of techniques

  • experiential, engaging, accessible

  • on-site

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  • Happier and healthier employees

  • Improved productivity

  • Reduced absenteeism

  • Increased employee and job satisfaction

  • Enhanced employee retention

  • Cultivates corporate culture of health and success

What Clients are saying...

"Ellen radiates positive energy at all times.  She approaches each session and participant with a fresh outlook.  I look forward to 'Thursdays with Ellen' every week.  I have implemented Ellen’s teachings into my daily routine and LOVE IT.  Ellen is wonderful, soak her up." -Rose B.
“Ellen has been working with me for a year and I have noticed several differences in my personal and professional life.  She has given me tools to manage stress more effectively through breathing exercises, meditation, stretching movements, mindfulness practices, and much more!  I am very grateful that she is my teacher.” -Jana R.

Learning how to effectively manage your stress and use it to use it to your advantage
can increase happiness

 Fast, convenient micorlearning sessions using techniques based on the latest research.

Engaging, educating, and empowering people about stress
to help them become more productive, more resilient, and happier.